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Professional development workshops for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

PIPS offers training workshops for Psychotherapists and Counsellors in the UK. The workshops are experiential, interactive and aimed at personal and professional growth. Places are limited.

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I love my garden it brings me such a sense of peace. As I was tending a particularly troubled rose bush, regularly troubled by black spot and aphids, I thought about how much I grow with my garden and how much of me is in it. I enjoy a sense of my own agency as I make things happen. This is not through controlling and forcing plants to be what they are not but expecting to get a healthy return in our relationship accepting limitations and sometimes choosing not to continue to grow something where I get little return or don't like what is available. This reminds me of how I have come to view relationship that if I expect to be loved and cared for in general this happens and if it does not then this is not solely my doing. I can choose to end relationships which are draining and unfruitful.

The rose bush reminds me of a family member who can often cause me concern and attack me. I am now aware of how much I can safely give that relationship, without feeling drained or prickled. I get some returns enough to keep the rose bush with its limitations. I am able to keep myself open to more enriching relationship such as the honeysuckle which bounds up and offers freely this helps me tolerate the disappointments of the rose and the Lilly of the valley, which has never survived despite my efforts.

Good psychotherapy for me is the honeysuckle consistent strong and able to weather my imperfection. It is firmly routed and gets what it needs does not demand I care too much for it so I can drink in all that I need of it.

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